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About Anna

Anna moved to Gilbert in 2003.  She has 2 children, 17 and 12 and has lived in the Higley District since 2006 and in the Higley schools since 2010.

She became a parental rights advocate ever since her oldest started kindergarten.  She realized quickly that not only was it difficult to deal with a medically fragile child, but things were even more complicated when trying to obtain an IEP or a 504 to ensure her daughter was safe at school.  Thankfully, Dr. Mike Thomason was there to help.  Over the years Anna has educated and helped many parents through the IEP and 504 process along with ways for them to advocate for their children.  When the focus is on the child’s best interest, things shouldn’t be difficult.

As a member of the governing board and her background in finance and accounting, Anna will work hard for parents and the community to have transparency when it comes to their tax dollars and what their children are being taught. She will ensure parental and student rights are upheld and that the students are a priority.  Last but not least, Anna will fight for academic accountability when it comes to students learning, with a focus on Reading, Writing, Math, History and Science.

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